Tactics Anthem

Tactics Anthem marks the start of a new generation of trading-card battle system. Its revolutionary gameplay uses a twin-deck duel mechanism and is focused heavily on battle formations over the conventional attack strength of an individual creature. Using a hand of Minion Cards and Tactics Cards, conjure up infinite possibilities as you wreck havoc on your opponent by unleashing monsters, magic/melee and spirit type attacks! Summon powerful Support Minions to aid you in combat and take down your enemy in mind-boggling ways!  Single-player campaign included in this web-based game, now available by renowned publisher Cherry Credits. Try it today: http://ta.cherrycredits.com


What makes Tactics Anthem exciting and fun?

product_ta_cardsGameplay is easy to pick up and yet difficult to master, with fantastic replay-value. With more than 120 Tactics and Minion Cards in the 1st Edition alone, players can fine-tune their deck and craft different strategies as they obtain the various Melee, Magic and Spirit cards over time. Look out for the 2nd Circle Tactics and the Red-colored army in your Booster Decks!

The twin-deck battle system allows you to build unique strategies which up-until-now has never been possible. The minion deck coupled with your tactics deck can devastate your opponents in ways unimaginable. Plus, there are no Scores or Points to keep, winning is a matter of deploying your entire minion hand into victory across the opponent’s battlefield. This keeps the pace of the game pumping fast!

Game Traits Elven Legends MIDAS Knights HOM Warriors
Age Group
Teens & Young Adults Preteens Preteens & Teens
Painted (Bold Colours) Static Realistic Animated Photorealistic
Collectible (Unlimited) Limited Regular
Competitive Tournament Training Mode Battle Mode
Physical Card, Online (TAO) Physical Card Physical Card
Replayability Very High High High
Entertainment High Medium Very High