Symbol-8 is the advanced edition of Maths-Me! which uses more difficult functions such as multiples, logs, square roots etc. for a slightly older audience (13 up). Also for up to 4 players, this pack of 36 cards now comes with 2 random collectible dice, to offer more thrill in a great learning getaway!


Maths-Me! is a mathematical game designed for anyone aged 8 to 88. Using simple math-concepts such as ‘greater-than’ or ‘less-than’ and functions such as addition and subtraction, this 36 cards game-set with 2 special dice is suitable for up to 4 players. Seal of Approval, 1996 award winner.



Conundrum is a word building game played one letter at a time. Comprising 113 cards and 120 chips, this game is suitable for 2 to 8 players ages 8 and up.




Travel Conundrum (Picture Above)
Travel Conundrum is a travel edition of Conundrum, comprising 56 cards, a pencil and a note-pad for score taking, This game is suitable for up to 4 players. It won the Seal of Approval (1996) and Parent’s Choice Award (1996).