DUNCAN O’FINIOAN at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Los Angeles, Sept 2009

Come and see Duncan O’Finioan speak live at the Project Camelot Productions Awake and Aware 2011 conference set in Irvine California on 23, 24 and 25 September 2011. www.awakeandaware2011.com –♥– Duncan O’Finioan and David Corso, both survivors of the first generation of the US Military’s highly classified super-soldier program, take the platform to talk about MK-ULTRA and PROJECT TALENT, and take questions from the audience. http

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  1. please kids do not do drugs… or at least do not get high while watching “Bourne identity”

  2. Def, wif, monfs. Ha! Idiot.

  3. Duncan O’finioan is as much a sensei as that guy on Napoleon Dynamite and his wife Starla. What a joke.

  4. This guy is completely full of crap and anyone who believe him is a total fool. I wrote to him and challenged him to a MMA match and am hoping he takes me up on it. I’ll knock him out or wrap him up in 2 minutes. What a joke

  5. Anthony J Woolston | February 10, 2013 at 9:32 pm |

    Nothing wrong with pot.

  6. 9/11 is old story now, because this White House lie must be believed. Now, there will be many more and bigger than 9/11 things that we might face in the coming few decades, as the National Debt is above 16 trillion already. Pack your bags and work on your way to get a visa for Chile!

  7. I can guarantee that if I told these guys that I’ll give them a million dollars if they stop smoking POT, they would cheat me and take the money and continue to smoke it! For centuries the Afghans, Pathans, Indians, Sufis, Persians, Arabs, even Jews have been smoking this “Yahweh” made Ganja / Marijuana and “Hallucinating over the illusion, that they were created by some GOD, up there (God bless George…. George Carlin, not Bush). Project Camelot is promoting “Pot” very well 1 M dollars anyone?

  8. LMAO!

  9. Frankie Andre | February 10, 2013 at 11:00 pm |

    I thought everyone knew that 9/11 was an inside job? Its sort of obvious isnt it?
    The invasion of iraq?
    Opium distribution from afghanistan since 2001?
    The pipelines being built out the caspian sea?
    Russia offering help in destroying poppy fields and being rejectes, the US admitting protecting the poppy farmers

  10. I went on a long car journey with my friend and my wolf-cub, we bought some hamburgers but the wolf buried them under the back seat… I was wearing an onion over my left eye- which was the style at the time… So I ask the guy, “Your stereo ever make a loud POP!?”… So we sneak on the boat to Shelbyville with that darn monkey and the cursed diamonds… Anyway, to make a long story short………

  11. starburstwasp | February 11, 2013 at 12:43 am |

    The reason for each person thinking it was a different season was because they were all regressed back to a different date within their own mind, like when we regress someone to a younger age.. For Instance, there are many times that I was able to mark to a real date through evidence, and yet I thought it was a completely different year because I had been regressed back to a certain mental age that matched a certain year.

  12. nwo is fact.. repeat after me Novus ordo seclorum.. you havent heard the elite speak about it on t.v have you, or confronted about it and their faces towards the confrontations.. jeeze your gonna feel real stupid when you find out. 9/11 was an inside job fool… mindless zombie.. you are just scared.

  13. blah blah blah… you are a mindless zombie

  14. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 1:49 am |

    Global domination, oh god, not the NWO conspiracy. Is there any conspiracy theory you don’t believe in? Or is the world a sci fi movie for you? I bet you believe 911 was an inside job too lol

  15. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 2:20 am |

    Yeah…we live in the matrix and the world is run by reptiles from Jurassic park and close encounters of the third kind is real, bla bla bla. Get a life.

  16. just think about this. if you was a very powerful person with very powerful friends and family, with powerful knowledge on human DNA and mental programming, and if you was an evil fuck with an agenda of global domination and control, wouldnt you make your own super soliders as part of that agenda? dont be so niave.

  17. whatever means you get the information.. its information. i dont believe, i intelligize upon it. you seem to have forgotton your research, if you actually did any serious research. and darpa have admitted it, hows that for verification, but they wont admit where they are now obviously, and because of that you would think they are stuck on where they were in the 1960’s? dude.. cured from what? your in the matrix ffs

  18. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 3:59 am |

    And by research you mean watching videos on you tube and reading internet articles lol

    You assume I have not done research? I have read about all the things you have listed above yet the difference is, you choose to believe them. Yes there are supposed leaked “official” documents that seem to admit to these things, but they cannot be verified. I started off as a conspiracy theorist, but I am now cured of that mental illness.

  19. mate ive done more research than you could ever imagine. this shit goes on. go research project montauk, mannequin, k ultra, talent… its been released by darpa what they did 60 years back… they can regrow limbs back, super strength, speed, go without food for long periods without much sleep. dont base your perception on one video… if you want to paint a picture go do some research into this

  20. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 4:35 am |

    You are the one that doesn’t know what intelligence is, because if you had any of it, you wouldn’t buy into this garbage.

  21. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 5:14 am |

    No, you are the one who does not know what intelligence is, because if you had any discernible hint of it, you wouldn’t believe this crap, or any crap, that has no evidence supporting it. You need evidence, how else are we to make up our minds about things?

  22. you obviously dont know what intelligence is.

  23. Helghanhooker | February 11, 2013 at 5:24 am |

    The information is the proof? That makes no sense. Anyone can say anything they want to say. There’s a man in Australia right now claiming to be Jesus Christ. This man, Duncan, has absolutely no proof whatsoever for his claims, and his friend Philip Corso is a narcissist. I’m open to the idea of supersoldiers, but there just isn’t any proof supporting it.

  24. btw its been recently made public that the government aka DARPA are making genetically modified super soldiers that can run at atheltic speeds, have super strength and go without sleep, without much food, and can even regrow limbs blown off. THESE PEOPLE WERE DOING THIS BACK IN THE 1960’S WHEN IT STARTED.. NOW THEY ARE MAKING IT PUBLIC.. WHERE THEY ARE NOW IS FAR FAR ADVANCED.. MARTIAL LAW IS COMING SOON!!! SOM HUMANS WILL ASCEND 2012! THEY KNOW THAT AND THEY HAVE MADE AN ARMY OF THESE.

  25. the intel is the information forms the evidence to be seen as proof…. tell me, how are you meant to have physical proof of top secret government super soldiers? you want one at your door to knock you down an lift your car and chuck it to your neighbours?

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