download_book_armouroflightproduct_books_quote Follow the heroes of Bretunia as they seek the 7 artefacts of Light to save their land from the Queen  Morgana and her advancing minions.

It was a time of darkness. Upon the shining land of  Bretunia the blood of  Arthur Pendragon had been spilled, and the mighty sword Excalibur fallen from his cold hand. Arising to seize the throne of the fair city of Camelot came the dark witch, the Dragon Queen, the Fairy Morgan, come to claim
the prize in the wake of her brother’s death.

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Warlord: The Camelot Prophecies Vol #5 of 5

Morgan Le Fay had with her the poverty-stricken and anarchy-maddened; the weak-minded and mercenary; the cruel and avaricious. Assisting her were the powerful Dragonlords, minions of Na-sheol, Dark Prince of Sheol. With this army, she tore through the land and swallowed it, and the shadow of her power crept closer and closer towards weakening Camelot.


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