Corporate info

Camelot Hobbies aims to be a leading edutainment provider, focusing in the computer & mobile gaming arenas, as well as edutainment services. We are committed to delivering the best in education and entertainment platform, games and game-related products with the best value-for-money.

Our product lineup includes (Parent Choice Award (US)
winners – Maths-Me! and Conundrum. We have localization
capabilities and have successfully translated the Classic
BattleTech game and novels from English to Mandarin for
the Asian markets. Currently, the game offering which Camelot will bring
to the market is a Ubiquitous Gaming experience which
provides gamers with the ability to stay-in-touch with
the game across many devices. The technological focal
point of Camelot Hobbies will be its ability to allow
PC and mobile gamers to play on the same game in the same
turn and session on a real-time basis. Physical versions
of the same game will also be marketed.

We are Specialists in the design and development of
Educational and Edutainment Games and Services. Using
in-house methodology; quality is built into our games
from the initial concept to design, development and
final product. Our services include

Camelot Hobbies
will supplicate the processes, technology and sales
channels that are required in order to penetrate a large
and rapidly growing global market.

At Camelot Hobbies, we aim to be at the forefront of
the next era offering cutting edge gameplay and a great and expanding
 universe, supported by  a range of transmedia products in our new lineup.